One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to rebrand a business is through updated signage.  Despite marketing automation, the internet and social media, the right sign in the right place is still the most effective strategy.  However, rebranded signage shouldn’t be relegated to optics alone.  New signage serves to boost brand identity, enhance the customer experience and increase interest, traffic and even sales.

On the Exterior

Begin the rebrand with your exterior building signage.  Consider changing the sign style, color or font.  For example, if you’ve always used channel letters but you see other businesses in the area have changed to box cabinets or dimensional letters, maybe it’s time for an update that includes LED lighting.  From architectural and monument signs to illuminated building signs, window wraps, dimensional lettering and more, there are countless ways to get customers to notice you.  And don’t forget that vehicle wraps, parking and other exterior signage may need to be updated as well.

On the Interior

To complement your exterior rebranding, your interior signage should follow, contributing to your overall vision, and engaging both employees and customers.  Interior signage options include lettering, 3D and dimensional signs, standoff signs, window graphics and more, and can be used to display logos, company names, and let your customers know where they are and how to get to where they’re going.

How Can We Help?

An experienced signage partner can guide your custom rebranding project using a design, build and installation approach, eliminating the complexities of dealing with codes, permits, fabrication and installation, saving you time and money.

With our design, build and installation approach, we will manage the entire process of a custom signage project, resulting in minimized costs, streamlined schedules and increased efficiency.

Recently, the experts at 3i Graphics & Signs were entrusted with Crown Cork’s branding transition, starting with their front entrance signage which gives guests their first look into the monumental modifications and then carrying messaging through hallways, stairwells, and conference rooms.

Another recent project from 3i Graphics & Signs was rebranding the exterior and interior signage for Springbrook which include new standoff signs, banners, and architectural signs along with the removal and disposal of the old signage.

As your signage partner, 3i Graphics & Signs will work with you to create mock-ups that target your desired customer demographic, take inventory of current signage products that require updates and create an entire design package for you to review.  Once approved, we will manufacture and install it.  We have experience working with a variety of companies, both large and small during corporate rebranding efforts.

Rebranding?  Don’t forget signage!  Contact us today to get started.