3i Graphics & Signs offers two and three dimensional layout and design. We have the capacity to design a custom sign to your unique specifications, taking into account proper material selection for the highest quality, most durable solution. Or, let us offer the design options – from simple, single faced cabinet wall signs to complex design, art, and sign specifications for large institutions or businesses / franchise operations. We can create artwork, design sign systems, and provide an entire specification package for sign programs for most local, regional, or national companies, as well as municipalities or government agencies.

We utilize the latest creative software to design, plot, and route your project. We also have the ability to route a wide variety of materials from acrylic to metal.

Planning and design is one of the most important phases of any project. Our team of experts will listen to your needs, goals, budget, and timeline, and design a graphic and sign solution that effectively and efficiently brings your vision to life.

Our staff can help you determine what materials to use and what lighting elements should be chosen to maximize visual impact and keep your project on budget. 3i Graphics & Signs is focused on creating and building quality products that will stand the test of time.