Endless Possibilities

3i Graphics & Signs turns raw materials into art. State-of-the-art machinery, creativity, experience, and color all meld together with the latest high-tech materials in our 10,000+ sq. ft. Central New York manufacturing and storage facilities.

The possibilities of what we can create for you and your project are endless. From large metal monument/pylon structures, to detailed wooden signs, well crafted lit signs, or eye catching vehicle wraps, we deliver! We have experience with a wide array of materials and light sources, from stainless steel, to impregnated acrylics, digital prints, cut vinyl lettering, highly efficient LEDs, neon and much more.

Your creation is brought to life by our professional installation team. Our insured installers pay attention to detail and focus on quality, getting your job done safely, efficiently and correctly.

Project Coordination

Projects can be complex, so every project is assigned a single point of contact for coordination.

We manage the project through the design and planning phase. By ensuring that designs are correct and the package is complete and up to date, the approval and permitting process is streamlined. We know how to avoid the delays, which could greatly increase the timeline on your project.

We work closely with your team to obtain any stamped, structural designs that your project may require.

We make sure your project stays on schedule during the production and fabrication process and keep you informed every step of the way.

As your project nears completion, our team works closely with you and our experienced installation technicians to ensure that your project is installed on schedule. We carefully coordinate with onsite contractors, sub-contractors, and city inspectors to keep your installation on time and on budget.

We’re responsible for the overall success of your project and this sets us apart from other graphics and sign companies. We have the real world experience needed to keep your project on track.