Upload Artwork

Upload Artwork

Ready to let 3I Graphics & Displays handle your printing needs quickly and inexpensively? To upload your artwork to the 3i Graphics web site, just follow these guidelines and fill out the form below. You are able to attach up to 5 files in ones here in our upload section.

1. All submissions should be compressed Files, either compressed by using a Zip Program or a StuffIt before you start to upload to our server. For more information on compressing files, or finding other solutions please contact us directly
2. Please convert all fonts / text to outlines or curves, and provide all printer and screen fonts. If needed email us the details.
3. We accept PC files in Corel Draw, Freehand, Illustrator, Quark, Canvas and Photoshop formats, and MAC files in Quark, Freehand and Illustrator formats.

4. Please Fax or mail us a printout of the art so we can verify that your submission was received as you intended it to look.

    Fax #: 1-607-231-3917

    3iGraphics & Displays, 514 Chenango St., Binghamton NY, 13901

5. Please fill out the form below with all required fields and upload your zipped or stuffed files.
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